Welcome to South Jersey Battle Darts!

We’re South Jersey’s newest indoor foam dart sports arena!

A place for fun and excitement as friends and families play Dart Tag Games together. Sportsmanship rules the arena as people battle with Nerf Blasters in a fun, competitive atmosphere.

We give you hour long dart tag games ranging from Team Elimination battles to Objective Based Missions. Pitting two teams against each other in fun, organized chaos with trained referees, music and a full arsenal of Nerf Blasters.

As long as you’re able to hold, load and shoot a Nerf Blaster you’ll be able to jump in on the action!


Looking for a great kid’s birthday party idea?

South Jersey Battle Darts hosts the best kids parties and events around. Our Nerf battle arena packages include everything you could need, from Nerf blasters to ammo and hosts.



Our Nerf Battle Arena

Our arena obstacles can be rearranged on the fly offering endless replay possibilities for your kids or group. The floor is also a mat-like material leading to a much safer surface for our players.

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